Lost Little Girl

May 12, 2011

Looking down I see a lost girl,
That’s twirling in circles
She feels the wind
Brushing through her mind,
Doesn’t know what to think about life
The birds are chirping
While she’s singing with delight
Wondering why nobody’s in sight
Sitting on a rock,
She starts to talk
And notices nobody can hear,
Except for the trees and birds that are near,
She keeps thinking of what to do next,
Leaves fall she counts down days
For nights to turn into grey,
Every day is just another day
For her to come and pray,
Hoping for another day

The author's comments:
I wanted to write this piece of poetry because there are girls out in the world that feel lonely and depressed. and I'm not going to lie that's me sometI'mes also... so this inspired me to write this. :)

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