May 11, 2011
By Ayban BRONZE, Cranston, Rhode Island
Ayban BRONZE, Cranston, Rhode Island
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On a fine winter day

In a log cabin I stay,

Went out for a nice long walk,

With a friend so I could talk.

A great day we came to see,

And took glory upon every tree,

As we stopped we saw a glimmer of light,

In a pile of white.

Stepping closer we saw a fox,

Stuck in a trap among the rocks,

We came close and it snarled,

Its leg appeared to be gnarled.

We called the vet,

And her plan was set,

To keep the fox,

In a cell with a lock.

“Once it was ready”,

Said the nurse Betty,

“I will set it free,

Beyond the trees.”

And that is the story,

Behind my glory,

Because I saved a fox,

Hidden beyond the rocks.

The author's comments:
Sorry about the spaces, I wrote this in Double Space. This poem isn't real, it's made up.

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