May 11, 2011
By ERGrey SILVER, College Station, Texas
ERGrey SILVER, College Station, Texas
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"If it is once again one against forty-eight, then I'm very sorry for the forty-eight."- Margaret Thatcher
"Red meat isn't bad for you, fuzzy green meat is."
"Writers are the only adults who get to work in their pajamas and play with imaginary friends

Six words…just six words is all I need
Six words to bring you down
Things around here are about to change
All with just my six words
Though six is just a number
It’s a number important to me

You tell me
That I am crazy, that I need
Help, assistance, kind words
Spoken to me by a doctor, or change
To call a cab. You wrote down
For me to call a number

The cars I number
Them off as I wait for change
Sitting on this sidewalk down
In the city proper. People notice me
And whisper how I need
A policeman’s word
But I need no words
Not from her, not from anybody down
In the government’s pocket, I need
A number,
The right number to save me
Send one down

I beg to the sky and fall down
Tripping over my own two feet, I cry for me
For everything, how the world refuses to change
The world’s days are numbered
To the madness, my lost words
Go…A doctor is what this world needs

We tend to everyone’s needs
At the expense of our own, handing down
Money to whoever asks first, a toll free number
To call for soft words
The world laughs at me
When I beg for change

The world won’t change, so forget asking me
Take according to your needs were his words
Take a number, and sit down

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