Who Should I Be?

April 26, 2011
By , Anaconda, MT
Crashing! Crashing into me,
Is the realization that I can’t be
What everybody thinks I am.
I have to choose which one I am.

Am I the goody, goody, little girl?
Or am I a punk who tries not to hurl?
Do I go to church or not?
Do I lie around and rot?

I have to choose who I want to be.
But right now it’s hard to see.
The future is thrown in a shadow,
And so I don’t know which way to go.

I know I have to choose now,
Or I’ll go somewhere and not know how.
How to get out or how to climb.
So I must choose before I hear the chime.

The chime that announces Death’s call.
So I know I better get on the ball.
Still I don’t know what to do.
Maybe I should be someone new.

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