I Come From Today

April 29, 2011
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I come from my sleek red hair straightener
From overloaded hairspray and lost bobby pins
Crowded counter tops and dog toys
Tossed here and there

I am from open land 6 acres long
And the comfort of the couch
I am from the lavender my lungs despise
And the cherry tree I can see form my window
And her beauty in spring time when soft pink blossoms sprout

I'm from "Que Sarah Sarah"
Songs from my racist grandma
Self teachings to not be racist

I come from self consciousness about myself
Doubting myself just brings them to say
"Your beautiful, I love you"
Lies from my mothers mouth
Next time I make her mad I'll hear the truth

I come from playing with my best friend on the first day of kindergarten
And school after school
Quesadillas and hot fudge sundaes
The fights that were never too big
To pound through the wall of friendship

And I come from long summer days
Breaking all the rules
With my new best friend
Emotions flying around us
Falling deeper into his eyes

I come from today
I come from tomorrow
I come from yesterday
I come from him
I come from her
I come from them
I come from home
I come from land
I come from beauty
But sometimes I still don't know where I come from.

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