Wars of old

April 15, 2011
By Artistic BRONZE, Kapolei, Hawaii
Artistic BRONZE, Kapolei, Hawaii
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When the government calls
who takes the falls
kids sent to war
not knowing what for
children quickly dying
on enemy shores
inexperience and fear
of the pain that's in store
the families that lost
for the governments gain
our troops will return
victorious but stained
by the blood of the kids
that died day by day
and would still be alive
if weren't forced away
for war

The author's comments:
we were doing a persuasive writing assignment for English. i decided i would try to make a persuasive poem to get people toward my opinion on the way wars were in the old days particularly pertaining to kids. my English teacher said i would get better feed back if i submitted it here. so i did.

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