May 2, 2011
What’s so different ‘bout love and hate?
It’s one of the main reasons we discriminate.
Like cars crashing down just to swerve past the lights
It’s one of the reasons we put up a fight.
What’s so different ‘bout you and me
And the road we take to eternity?
The path we follow ain’t some yellow brick road
We don’t live in a castle, just a broken home.
Lights will shatter, broken glass
Like broken hearts as rainstorms pass
Shadows dance so we can pass the time
Life’s a just a game of meter and rhyme.
So what’s so different ‘bout life and death?
Both are dogs with ragged breath
Both baring teeth and dim yellow eyes
The only difference is our ability to cry.
Twisted mazes block the sun
The game that’s been forever, yet only just begun
A song that’s sung in a mocking tone
From an empty room in a broken home.

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