Sold Heart

May 2, 2011
By writeyourheart SILVER, Mclean, Virginia
writeyourheart SILVER, Mclean, Virginia
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I never knew the world had so much light
Never knew the sun could be so bright
Never saw the sky that shade of blue
Until I was seeing it all with you.
Never knew stars could twinkle so fast
Never lived days that just wouldn’t last.
Racing the clock to get as much time through,
Spending my hours just talking to you.
Whispering songs that can barely be heard
Shooting me glances that say more than words.
Falling asleep with a small little smile
‘Cause I know I’ll be dreaming ‘bout you in a while.
I’m blushing and blinking but not from the cold
My heart’s on the market but you’ve claimed it “sold.”
When you stand beside me my heart starts to sing
There’s nothing that’s better than love in the spring.

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