A Knife In a Gunfight

May 2, 2011
I've told you from the start,
That no one would ever have my heart.
I swore to you I'd never fall in love.
But I took one look
And knew you had to be from above.
You took my breath away,
But something about us was too cliche.
You were everything and more,
Til I got this thing in my back and hit the floor.
I think it's a knife
I can see the light.
Will you take it out?
Cuz I thought this was a gun fight.

I'm down and I'm breathless,
You've done it again.
Now I'm just hopeless
Cuz you gave me your word.
We had a thing called trust, see?
But this damn thing called lust
made you hurt me.
I was the best I could ever be.
But that wasn't enough
You had to be tough,
By taking this knife
And giving me the hard life.
Bleeding from my back
Loving til I'm numb;
Love for me, I guess is what you lack.
Was it hard to stab,
Someone you once had?
I'm searching for what I can't find,
Cuz you've left it all behind..
All the love that I gave to you,
I swear every word I said was true.
Now I'm left with this burden
With no flame in sight
It's a scar that's been burned in,
I'll remember to take a knife to my next gunfight.

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