How Hard Can It Be?

February 7, 2008
By john shan, Seattle, WA

How hard can it be?
Shouldn’t everyone be able to write poetry?
Fit some words and add some rhymes
Make it all sound nice and you’ll be done in no time
Looks easy? Not quite, add alliteration in the mix
With metaphors and similes, dang I need to fix this!

How about I’m as stuck as a whale
A whale beached on land, now wouldn’t that be a tale.
But wait there’s more…
Personification and Allegory, I don’t even know what that means
Maybe I should admit to sleeping, then I’ll come clean.
Ok, start over, just write what you know
2x+5x=7x divide the x from both sides and then you can go,
proceed with the equation, find the value of x
But is that part of a poem? What do I do next?

Now go back to the beginning, back a couple lines
Back to the sentence that said I’d be done in no time
But all I hear is the rub! And Rubadub

Of the eraser because all I do is mess up.
Ask me again
How hard can it be?
Pretty darn hard for an Asian like me.

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