The girl who didn’t have her father

May 11, 2011
By Anonymous

There was this girl who lived with her mother and father

When they spilt up she had to go with her father

She stayed up all day and night wishing for her

Mother to come and rescue her from her abusive father

But her mother didn’t come until one day when the

Father brought the girl to a mental hospital and dropped her off

Ever since then she lives with her mom and her grandma

She has nothing to do with her father she knows nothing of what

Having a father to be there to help her and to except her for her feels like

The girl is alone and knows nothing about what a real father can do

The girl wants to know her father but yet when she tries she gets pushed away

So now the girl sits and writes this poem to some day get her father to

Realize how hurt she is and how him not being there for her is affecting her

This girl is longing for a father and is longing to know what having a father figure feels like and not just a male role model

This girl is lost she is wondering on this road that could destroy her that could get her killed that could make her a mother at 16 she needs help to find away to have a father figure to be in her life but she finds no answer

So for now she sits by the window hoping and praying that some day she will no longer have to wonder what it feels like to have a father.

The author's comments:
this is what i have been through and i want other people to see what i have been through so they do not do the same

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