The little girl the world forgot

May 8, 2011
By dancer-writer4ever BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
dancer-writer4ever BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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She rubs her hands together, trying to keep warm
Why can’t she get new gloves of her own are all worn?
The other little girls don’t understand her
She can’t help it I’m sure
To life a life full of loving people is her vision
But right now she’s stuck in a dark hateful prison
She doesn’t know how much longer she can take
She was to find hope or her helpless body will escape
She tries to run, run far away
But soon it becomes too late on that fateful night in May
What could she do? This was her end
All she ever wanted was a true, great friend
Now she’s over like the last note in a song
More lost than a small rock thrown into a swirling pond

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