May 7, 2011
By JeanaMathias BRONZE, Prairie Grove, Arkansas
JeanaMathias BRONZE, Prairie Grove, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
Mark Moore: God does what He wants when He wants without your permission.

When you look back
What do you see
Do you see things you lack
Do you see a past that makes you want to flee

No matter what it is its ok
God can erase it all
Tomorrow is a new day
He loves you even if you fall

Kind of like with Saul
God forgave him for all that he had done
With a change of name and spirit Saul became Paul
You can change too through the power of the one

The people from you past may not approve
You will find the people you need
If you just remember to move
Because God is at the lead

Like with Paul
He was persecuted
But the disciples helped him through it all
And past sin did he shed

You probably won’t be beat with a rod
Or stoned close to death
But you still need God
With every single breath

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