Enticing me, inviting me, setting me free.

May 22, 2011
By _Jinx_ GOLD, Liberty, South Carolina
_Jinx_ GOLD, Liberty, South Carolina
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The tides lap at my feet
enticing me
inviting me
to the horizon,
the star freckled sky
to the swirling clouds
The wind twirling through my hair
inviting me
enticing me
setting me free

Little waves dance at my feet
massaging me
enticing me
inviting me

The wind rolls
the wave comes
over my skin
pushing me back
sweeping me to the sand
to the land
knocking me off my feet
giving me weak knees
as the tide recedes

the wind comes along
the tide laps at my feet
my hair swirling in the breeze
enticing me
inviting me
setting me free.

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