May 7, 2011
By Demonic BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Demonic BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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A cold empty feeling comes
A feeling that eats a soul
slowly gnawing away love and affection
till all left is a cold hatred pain.
Squeezing the very breath out of you.
Making you gasp for raw air
that you cannot obtain by yourself
for you are alone and lost in our cold empty self.
Not remembering how to be loved by or happy.
Are you forgotten? Are you merely a ghost whose ordinance is simply living?
But why live a gruesome life.
A life filled with hate and pain.
When your soul has already fallen into blackness.
Why not quietly take a step along with your the wide blue yonder where your soul is recognized with love and exhilarated faces
welcoming you to a new energetic life
just waiting for you
to make that step,
that one step that will change you're life forever.

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