A New Rage

May 7, 2011
By Annalie13 GOLD, East Providence, Rhode Island
Annalie13 GOLD, East Providence, Rhode Island
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"It is better to burn out, than to fade away."-Kurt Cobain

A fire has started inside of me,
Making me the person my love used to be,
Now I'm out for blood-- out to kill,
The adrenaline will give me an amazing thrill.

I'm done being nice,
Now they're going to pay the price,
I'll have them begging for mercy,
But no mercy they will see.

They've crossed too many lines,
Caught us in too many vines,
We're fighting back,
Patience and compassion we lack.

This beautiful blind rage,
Has left me in a daze,
I embrace the feeling,
It leaves me reeling.

Goodbye to the old me,
This new vengeful goddess is all you'll see,
She let's the anger course through her veins,
And never pulls in the reigns.

We won't be pushed around anymore--we're done,
So watch out Olympus--here we come.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem this morning, after having a very vivid dream of being a goddess in Olympus. All of the other gods threw me and my husband, Poseidon, down to Earth. We became demigods, and the other gods thought they could push us around and torture us because we were human and less powerful. Eventually in the dream, I snapped. And we began to plot to fight back. The speaker in the poem is usually a very calm, level-headed girl. But she's been pushed too far, and now her and her husband are angry and ready to fight back.

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