words unspoken

April 25, 2011
I’ve never been the type
To hold it all inside
yet I’ve never had the courage
To put it all out on the line

I’m afraid of failure
And the thought of rejection
So I turn to writing
As my only protection

Sometimes I wish
That I had the strength to be bold
But to most, I think my story
Is better left untold

So I write for myself
To let go of my fears
Just words on a page
never meant to reach your ears

I know in my heart
That at the end of the day
The words left unspoken
Are the ones I’ll never say

But there may come a time
Somewhere far down the road
When I will show you who I am
And my stories will unfold

Until then though, its best for me
To my let my feelings hide
But even if they may not show
My words will not subside.

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Mariam.J said...
Jun. 26, 2011 at 3:32 am

Love this poem .

I think it speaks to ALOT of teens out there .

Including me :')

Awesome !

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