Numb Love

May 10, 2011
By Spirig675 BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
Spirig675 BRONZE, Oakland, New Jersey
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You were weak,
But I was too strong.
You came for my help,
I gave you my all.

You grew stronger,
Each and every day.
It was only a matter of time,
Until you were better then me.

You were so young,
What could I do?
What I did to do to make you,
Now I will break you.

I was trapped in my mind,
Day after day.
You were trapped in your body,
No way to get away.

But when fate led us together,
Neither of us, seemed to agree.
But when you touched my heart,
You ripped it right out of me.

A love forbidden by the rest of mankind,
Oh it was so wrong we were forced to run and hide.
With you I’d be happy for the rest of my life,
But I was wrong.
So wrong.

It has been four years,
Since that sad day.
Not a minute goes bye,
Where I hadn’t wished you to stay.

I hope you are happy,
Wherever you are.
Because when I find you,
I will take you down hard!

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