To a Love Unknown

May 10, 2011
To a love unknown,
What a life we lived.
To think we met at chance
And almost passed each other by.

I’ve had my joys,
You’ve had yours
Since that fateful day,
and so long after.

That day in spring,
Where we stole that sailboat
Just to see, for a day
what a pirate’s life is like.

That day in summer, eating fruit
‘neath my grandpa’s tree
With a simple carving, a heart
A simple symbol that carried so much.

That day in fall,
You went away,
I waited, counting the days,
Till you came back.

That night in winter
Watching the fire’s excitement
In no rush ourselves,
Just content with being together.

It’s all so fuzzy,
Yet sharp as glass.
I remember, at least I think
Of all we’ve done.

Now my body’s grown weak.
My hands, crumbling stone.
My eyes can’t see so well.
Yet my imagination powers through.

Whenever I walk by your grave
And think about all the fun we’ve shared,
I can’t see, I just can’t see
Your name in all the blur.

But, then again,
Maybe, just maybe,
It’s because
I haven’t met you yet.

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