May 9, 2011
By DelCielo GOLD, Raiford, Florida
DelCielo GOLD, Raiford, Florida
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Fly, bird,
Fly away from me
Enslavement is no more for you.
Shackles, chains, bars, and locks;
All reside solely in your memories.

Soar above, feathered creature,
Soar like the wind itself
The universe has opened its portals,
And into them you may travel.
There is no further need for your perfect stealth.

Ascend, winged beast,
Ascend from the depths of the chasm
Perched upon top of the mountain,
Ensuring that you are unscathed by the plagues of Earth,
Possessing beauty which no man could ever fathom.

Rise, mythical being,
Rise from ash
You will fall again, it is true,
But you will only be reborn.
Fear not your inevitable crash.

Fall, phoenix,
Fall like the stars from the sky
Into nature, you return,
Becoming part of the dust-ridden ground.
Breathe out your symphonious sigh.

The author's comments:
As the last stanza revealed, for those of you who hadn't already deducted it, this is a poem about a pheonix; a bird of rebirth.

A phoenix will never die of old age, for it will simply be reborn from its own ashes.

Beautiful? I think so.

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