May 11, 2011
By KatieBelle GOLD, Tallahassee, Florida
KatieBelle GOLD, Tallahassee, Florida
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You say you love the gays,
or at least the guys,
with their incredible fashion sense
and biting wit.
You say you're all for gay rights
and marriage and whatnot,
but I see in your eyes
that you only parrot your favorite sitcom.
Well, not everyone is like Kurt.
Not so flamboyant and out there
and so readily accepted by their friends and family.
Plus, it's not like all gays are just born
with a magic button that says
"I will be fabulous and awesome
and would love to be your GBF."
They're people too. Some are mean;
Some are really nice.
Some are genuine; others fake.
A general definition doesn't apply to the human race.
You need to be flexible;
people will always surprise you.
You say that you love them,
like you know each one personally,
when I know for a fact that your idea of gay
is Ellen DeGeneres or the lesbian cheerleaders
on Glee.
Have you ever talked to someone who's gay?
Maybe then you'd realize that they don't all fit
in your neat little stereotypes,
and that they're people,
who want to be identified by more than
the labels you give them.
Maybe then you'd think:
marriage equality for all,
instead of legalize gay marriage
because that's what in, and that's what's hip,
and because these celebrities are all for it.
Embrace equal rights because you genuinely
want them and believe in them,
not because that's the trend this season.

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