The Day I Travel

May 9, 2011
By kitten678 SILVER, Vineland, New Jersey
kitten678 SILVER, Vineland, New Jersey
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When embarking on a highway, it's so awe-inspiring;
To witness monuments from high above-
Driving on a bridge overtop a road or an ocean-
The thrill of adventure I love
As my heart and grin create excited commotion.

The sun's dazzle enlightens this mood of mine;
Traveling is a dream all of my own,
Harvesting the good of what's out of line
Into fruitful charms fully grown.

When rowing in a canoe, it's so pleasuring;
To watch the birds fly as free as God's angels-
Hearing their jubilant caws-
The tranquility of nature's sounds unbinds me from tangles
As I bask in escaping a few hours of life's harsh jaws.

The author's comments:
I haven't traveled to many places outside my own state, but once I get the money and stability to travel one day, you'll be seeing me almost everywhere.

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