Take My Hand

May 9, 2011
By Orange_Gatorade SILVER, Frontenac, Kansas
Orange_Gatorade SILVER, Frontenac, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
Someday someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.

Darkness consumes you day after day
Emptiness fills you, but don’t be afraid.
I am here and I will not leave you
Reach for my hand; it’s held out for you.

Your past is your present; it acts as your chain
Happiness I know you are trying to gain
I am here to help you
Take my hand; it’s held out for you.

Your life used to be full of rain
Full of sorrow and full of pain
But I will take away your blues
Please take my hand; it’s held out for you

We were accustom to screaming and yelling
In history you can stop dwelling
Because our past I am trying to undo
Will you take my hand? It’s held out for you.

You know that I am always here
To calm your fears and dry your tears
I am always here for your rescue
Grasp for my hand; it’s held out for you

I know that sometimes you don’t believe me
But please you have to see
That I’m not going to leave you
My hand’s right here; it’s held out for you.

I love you
And I will keep reassuring you
Here is something I will always do
Extend my hand, and hold it out for you.

Your days are now filled with sunshine
Don’t worry this happiness will not decline
I know this joy is new
Just take my hand; it’s held out for you

You are getting better every day
And maybe realizing what I have to say
Could this be true?
Are you taking my hand, that is held out for you?

I will wait for the day
When you come to me and say
I know that you have had hard times too
So take my hand; it’s held out for you.

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this poem was my sister.

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