Dream World

May 9, 2011
By DotKing GOLD, Climax, Michigan
DotKing GOLD, Climax, Michigan
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"I have been driven to my knees many times simply by the stark realization that i had no where else to go" Abe Linclon
"The fear of God is the Death of every other fear" C.H. Spurgeon

Feathers drift around my head
As I open up my eyes
See the dream world of my mind
I’m sleeping in the skies

The feathers turn to crystals
Casting rainbows in my dreams
Then shatter into raindrops
Nothing is all it seems

The rain drops become snowflakes
Then a single pane of glass
It flickers as it shows me
Old visions from my past

The glass turns to a mirror
Showing me as I am now
In a glist’ning gown of green
I smile and I bow

Before a room of people
Who, to see me, all come near
On this still and Silent Night
I sing for all to hear

Floating like a fairy tale
Music notes in a cascade
Piano keys are taping
A moonlight serenade

The ballroom walls fall outward
Revealing the midnight stars
Below me race the streetlights
Of a thousand cars

Lightning flashes, thunder roars
A summer storm has begun
I hide nearby an oak tree
Until I see the sun

The acorns turn to apples
Of a granny smith bright green
I eat one as I think of
Ev’rything I have seen

And more things are still coming
They’re more sights for me to see
Like the bright red rising sun
Light glances off the trees

So, the morning’s coming now
I knew it would all along
Though I fight to stay asleep
My eyes open to the dawn

The author's comments:
This is something I actually wrote in my trig class after a test. I pretty much wrote it in one sitting. It's really just me daydreaming and putting it on the paper.

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