Evaporating Essence

May 8, 2011
By DelCielo GOLD, Raiford, Florida
DelCielo GOLD, Raiford, Florida
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"I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details."

Do you know how it feels,
to be so far from a part of yourself?
To watch yourself slowly fading,
in the shattered mirror on the shelf?

I see blood pooling around my feet,
slicking up the glass underneath.

Do you know what it takes,
to keep me going, into tomorrow?
To hold my chin up high,
as if I’m not stricken with sorrow?

I see my soul floating from my mouth,
drying up in this endless drought.

Do you know how it feels,
not to feel anything at all?
Not to know companionship,
save that of an invisible wall?

I see my heart, beating upon the ground,
soaking up all of the dirt that lay around.

Do you really want to know,
what it takes for me,
to open up my mind and eyes,
and to watch the toiling sea?

I see my love drowning in the waves,
out of reach, above countless watery graves.

Did you know that I was watching,
Oblivion swallow up my world?
Did you know that I was knocking,
on Death’s smoldering door?

I see a spaceship in the blackened sky,
taillights twinkling to say, “Goodbye!”

Do you know something?

That wasn’t a spaceship.
It wasn’t a falling star.
It was my consciousness,
waving at my body from afar.

If I wasn’t before,
I certainly am, now.
I’m dead, my friend.
Lay me in the ground.

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