I Can Finally See

May 1, 2011
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I believed every word you said
cause believing is what i do best
when i found out it was all a lie
my heart was broken
and i began to cry...
how could you do this to me
how could you do this to us
together you and i...
we made perfect harmony
but now my world is crushed
i thought you were the one for me
but now i can truly see
the guy that i thought you were
was only a made up reality
i can finally see...
you are not who i thought you were
suppose to be so sweet and sensitive
you were suppose to be the guy of my dreams
my happily ever after
now i can truly see
you are just a guy behind a mask of lies
our whole relationship
was just a joke to you
but I'm not gonna stand here
waiting for you all night
i leave you this letter
for i am gone forever
and you will never find another
because now i can truly see...
there was no real harmony
just lies is all i ever heard
Now that i know the truth
i can finally see....

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