Dont You Care?

May 1, 2011
By Sammmm GOLD, West Berlin, New Jersey
Sammmm GOLD, West Berlin, New Jersey
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I'll pretend I'm fine
I'll pretend i don't cry
every night I'm home alone
darkness around me
coldness in the air
but you just don't care
so ill keep pretending
I'll keep letting it go
cause u don't care
you won't ever be there
for me...
I'm tired of being
what you want me to be
Feeling so faithless to myself
I'm lost under the surface
now I'm so numb
I'm not gonna pretend I'm fine
I won't pretend I don't cry
not gonna be home alone
light is shining through
warmth in the air
Now you see I care
No more pretending
No more letting it go
You see I don't care anymore
I don't need you to be there
for me...
Just consider me gone
and erase me forever
from your memory...

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