May 1, 2011
I’m me and I’m not always so excited for you to see

I’m so inclined to leap when I should take one step
And you’d think I’d learn from falling so many times before
But my hope keeps me jumping back up
Cause I have hope in you even if they don’t

I take everything lightly cause I know what deep is
And nothing seems to compare
I like thinking that every thing’s gonna be okay
And that smiling makes everything better
And sometimes it works

It’s all too easy for me to see the bad in life
In people
And in everything
I wish I could say I always see the best in everything
But I don’t

I see the hurt in everyone’s eyes
I see the pain in what’s to come
And I see the consequences in your actions

But today I was challenged to see the laughter
The smiles
The little thing that make this world bearable

And I saw you

And maybe that makes up for everything.

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