A Speech

April 30, 2011
By LukeL. SILVER, Nunn, Colorado
LukeL. SILVER, Nunn, Colorado
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"Asking a question you dont know the answer to is easy, knowing the answer but not how to ask the question is hard."

A man walked into the room

Followed by an air of power and strength

The hush kept pace with his long strides

All the important conversations of the old dwindled away with each step

His voice commanded attention and that is what he got

Those few words he spoke came with the knowledge of experience

The name he went by is not important

Just those morals that he made so easy to discern

This is what I still remember to this day

Long ago life was lived by those simple laws

He is one of the small few that still follow them

Now his days are spent passing these simple things to people who really need them

It takes a good man to do what’s right but it takes a great man to lead by example

With out a doubt the man standing at the front of the room

Is a great man

He could have done anything he desired with his life

I think that’s why he chose football

Real strength of character can be gathered through constant trial

That morning is something that will forever be imprinted in my memory

I like to think that I live by those morals

Morals that are simple to learn from

By its end no one knew what to do

The man now quite

The early silence erupted into applause

And he left the way he came

Walking with those long strides

With him he took the knowledge

Ready to be passed on

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