April 30, 2011
Dear __________,
I see who you really are.
I see that you're a nobody.
You used me.
You played around with my feelings.
I can say a lot of things about you.
I can say you are an expert at lying and saying sorry and making me feel like I'm the one for you.
I remember you told me you loved me from Texas to stars.
But you lied.
I regret ignoring.
When my friends said.
Don't go out with him.
He's DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I was blinded.
By your romantic talk and your beautiful eyes.
Long endless sleepless nights.
I stayed up thinking about you.
Once my friends thought I would go crazy.
Cuz you were always on my mind.
24 hours a day.
But all thats change.
I'm free.
I'm not under your spell.
I broke free.
I'm alive.
Too bad for the other girls you ran dry.
Who didn't have friends like mine.
Who made me realize.
That you're a loser.
A love abuser.
A no one.
You're just pathetic.
And you're gonna be alone in life.

Not yours truly Zelenia.

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