The Origin of Snow

April 29, 2011
By writingchallenged SILVER, Newton, New Jersey
writingchallenged SILVER, Newton, New Jersey
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When the world was new,
And the fairies ruled the lands
Peace and happiness grew
With the passing of the sands
Harmony and love were all around
Not a hint of anger or darkness
Could ever be found
Yet as the years went on
Sadness became new
Like the sincere slow song
That came with the morning dew
The queen of fairies
Loved by all
Had begun to act mean
At the start of fall
No one knew why
No one knew how
But they could all feel
The evil darkness now
The morning dew fell all the time
Freezing with the queens anger
Without reason or rhyme
Then as the season turned back to sun
The dew disappeared as fast as it had begun
So the fairies now knew
That when the queen was at her low
That it was the beginning of something new
And the making of fresh snow

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