Me, What About YOU?

April 29, 2011
By Lindsey Gibson BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Lindsey Gibson BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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You are a child.
You are naïve,
So you can’t do that.

(I do what I want)

You are too young.
You are immature,
Which makes you unwise.

(Age is but a number)

You suck at life.
You fail at everything,
Because you aren’t eighteen yet.

(So when I’m 18, I’ll know everything?)

You are only 15.
You need to do this,
And you can’t go anywhere.

(I’ll just sneak out)

You were never loved.
You were a mistake,
Why are you such an embarrassment!

(One day, I will be something more)

You are worthless.

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