May 30, 2011
By 4everhungry BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
4everhungry BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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Life is as simple as you want it to be,
But the truth is,
That is a lie,
Life is hard and complicated,
According to the liars of the world,
Life is meant to be fun,
And everyone should know,
Fun does,
Not mean anything but,
Work does,
Which Is the only important thing in life and means everything,
Comes after,
Your job,
This is the truth all people need to know,
Living life like you want to,
Is the wrong way to live it,
Living life according to what others say,
Is the right way,
Making your own choices,
Is the incorrect way to make decisions,
Other people should make your decisions for you,
Life will be incredibly easy,
You are lying to yourself if you think that,
Life is going to have many challenges,
Your life will never be happy,
It is childish to believe,
There is joy in the world

Unless you turn life around.
Now read it from the bottom up.

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