My Black Hole Dreams

May 7, 2011
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My black hole dreams absolutely
terrify me. Slipping into untold stories.
Trembling. Through the forest of forgotten
memories. The blistering sun, frowning upon
me? These are my black hole dreams. Crayola
crayons colored the sky pitch black. Then you
manage to find me, slipping through the cracks
inside my brain. Traveling through the river
inside my veins. How these black hole dreams
terrify me. I walk through clouds, falling down
down down. Don’t you see my black hole dreams
terrify me? The cell phone buzzes like a bee, but
I can’t see, for I am trapped inside my dream.
Drowning in the grey seas. Oh please, save me?
I am dying, can’t you see! Crying mostly, if they
please. Tears falling through my eyes. I hate these
black hole dreams. Two hours left until they set me
free. The cell phone beeps twice more, but I am
still trapped, being sucked into a new reality. I
awake, with a scream. Oh, how I resent the black hole dreams.

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