May 6, 2011
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How would you feel if you were called a freak?
How would you feel if you were named after something you did?
How would you feel if you walked on earth just to be fun of?
How would you feel if you had wake up just to cry yourself to sleep?
How would you like to wake up from a nightmare to walk in hell on earth?
People who do this to others should be ashamed

For me to call you friend make me feel ashamed
What is the true decision of freak?
Someone who likes something that isn’t “normal” who happens to walk on Earth
People who do what you did
Makes me want to crawl into my final sleep
I’m not here for you to make some thing of

I’m not here for you to make a joke of
You outta be ashamed
Should I never wake up and stay asleep
How about I call you a freak?
I want you to feel the pain I did
I rather be on mars than walk on the same Earth as you
When people die they don’t go to hell they go to Earth
I’m not here for you to make a fool of
You should be ashamed
Calling people that are interested in something scary a freak
What if I died in my sleep?

Would you be able to sleep?
Would you be able to walk the same on Earth?
Would you think that person is still a freak?
Would you say compassion is what your heart is made up of?
I bet you wouldn’t because it’s what you did

What if you felt what I did?
Would you put them in their final sleep?
And would anyone be ashamed?
I bet you and them would walk the same on Earth
Because evil is what your made of
Someday you will be called the freak

Do you even feel ashamed to walk on them as if they were Earth?
Would they have to be in their final sleep because of what you did?
I ain’t someone you can make something of, but you… you should be called the freak.

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