First no-hitter of the Season!

May 6, 2011
By EpicAsGod BRONZE, Stratford, Iowa
EpicAsGod BRONZE, Stratford, Iowa
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Tonight, we dine, in hell! - the movie 300.

Cheers and screams burst in the air; laughs and cry’s as the fans go insane all because of Francisco Liriano. I was in the dugout; witnessing my team on the field, sweat dripping down their faces and the lights giving them an easy glow under the night sky. It was all silent; everyone in the dugout was tense and suspenseful; I swear veins were going to pop out. Francisco wound up his pitch and let it fly, right into the catcher’s glove. A strike! The air boomed from the fans as we rushed onto the field with smiles and brightened eyes. My teammate, my friend, had thrown the first no-hitter of season. The feeling is unimaginable as we lift him in the air; we have pride like no other and feel as if we can just take on the world. Tonight, Francisco made history.

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