Forgiveness or Suffering

May 1, 2011
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Anxious in the court
Waiting for the verdict
As the psychotic mad man waits with no shame or expression
As the pain continues to fill my heart with rage and thoughts of revenge
I remember the item sitting in my pocket.
The smooth metallic figure sits with the same desires as I
The desire for revenge
The desire for remorse
The desire for the apology that will not bring back the life
But the apology that will smooth the ridges left on the inside of my soul.
He admits to the crime without a feeling of sorrow,
He feels no pain
He feels no shame as he looks me in the eyes without any apology.
Once again I feel the smooth metal that will bring my desires to life
And I hear the Judge speak.
One to two years is the sentence,
One to two years for putting me in this sorrow
This pain
This remorse,
And as the metal springs to life and the deed is done,
The killer is dead and so is my desire for revenge.
My ridges are now smooth
And my conscience is now rough.

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