For Better Or Worse

April 21, 2011
By Anonymous

In our lives there must be change
We all die whether or not our legacies remain
No matter how you lived
Who you are or what you did
With your lover, family and kid

The reaper decides when you go
Unless you are your reaper but do not know
The grave they buy is what you get
After you die it’s impossible to forget
Because you’re not alive to be able to regret
You can’t be teary eyed and fret
While your wife falls for the new guy she met
As their eyes meet, lips lock and the sun has set
But your child hasn’t forgotten his papa yet
He vows that as long as lives he is in your debt

The life you lived was very foul
You happened to be a bitter scoundrel
That preferred to hiss and scowl
The bark from your bite was a growl

A thief, liar, snake and cheat
You were never able to admit defeat
Until this day I shall not weep
My scorn for you is oh so deep

You were the cut that burned then bled
I lost my pride because of what you said
Do you remember when I asked for your assistance?
My, wife and children all had witnessed
How you left me on my own
But when you needed me I never left you alone
I asked you to loan me two thousand dollars
Your selfish ways controlled you like a mutt on a collar
Everyone who knows you knows you’re rich enough
However you couldn’t give your brother so much

Children outside your home would laugh and play
You can’t stand happiness so you shooed them away
The only one you loved as much as he loved you
Was your son but when Helen left your life was through
Helen left with your son but you kept the house
When she took control you felt as small as a mouse
Because you had no power over anything but your riches
No one respected you even after you asked for forgiveness
Your employees, those children and the townspeople alike
Uncovered the truth of the abuse and adultery in your life
How you would beat your wife after drinking all night
In front of your son who cried when he would see such a sight

Then you became an even bitter scrooge
Who hadn’t yet paid his last due of dues?
Until a few bad men became privy of your sin
They conspired to rob your home after they broke in

These men plotted, schemed, hoped and dreamed
That when they left not a soul would’ve heard or seen
What they had done after they left
A silly mistake would sabotage the theft
You see all had went according to plan
Until they seen an unexpected man
My brother showed up in the nick of time
None of these men had stolen a dime
But these men were armed and ready
With switchblades, pistols even a machete
Although they did not know my brother
The type of man that would only die if they killed each other
He grabbed his rifle and screamed to the top of his lungs
Swearing that until they left the battle wasn’t done
He continued to proclaim how he feared no man or his gun
Several shots were fired then these men would run
Unfortunately my brother was hit and severely injured
The look in his eyes said he succumbed to defeat when I paid him a visit
He spoke to me slowly without moving on his bed
His presence was that of a man already dead
The spirit he had was broken although nothing was took
He never fathomed such despair dealt to him by a bunch of crooks
All I could do was listen it was too difficult to speak
The future of my brother’s life seemed more than bleak
Before he died he said “Look at life as a blessing not a curse
I could’ve changed for the better but I settled for worse”

The author's comments:
I hope this will touch you all because this one was very heartfelt for me.

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