Thermonuclear weapons

April 20, 2011
By LURKER BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
LURKER BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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The sun is shinning
The air is fresh and cool
People are having a good time

Then there is a loud blaring siren
People start running in circles

The president makes an announcement
"I have just sighned a new legislation"
"china is now outlawed, bombing will begin in five minutes"

Bombers depart from an allied airbase near china with a package of nuclear bombs

Meanwhile, the prime minister of china announces "we are attempting to persaude the president of the united states to stop an all out nuclear war"

The president contacts his bombers "your target is beijing"
two minutes to drop

The prime minister offers a deal to the president, "All US national dept will be forgiven if the bombers are called off"
The president thinks about it

One minute to drop
30 seconds to drop

The president calls the bombers "bury them"
Pilots arm and release the nukes
Loud explosions are heard, and beijing is blasted into a billions of pieces.

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