R.I.P True Love

April 20, 2011
By augustbaby93 BRONZE, Odenton, Maryland
augustbaby93 BRONZE, Odenton, Maryland
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The darkness has surrounded me, with its overpowering blanket of depression
For at one time, happiness was present in my life I call my own
Every day smile stretched across my face as I saw theirs
Phone calls were endless, leaving the bill in complete joy as it increased in numbers
A simple text made it possible for the blood in my body to continue to pump
Filled with emotions of all kind, Love was at my doorstep
In their hands, they had a guarantee of care and compassion
Waking up in the morning, Love was laying beside me
Brushing my teeth, Love was there making me smile
Eating my breakfast, Love was feeding my joy
At school, Love was educated me with every touch
At practice, Love made my heart race up and down the track
Home again, Love was there waiting for me to enter
Homework, Love was tutoring me in the areas that I was missing
Bed, Love laid its head on my pillow
A routine that never got old and made me smile even more every day
But it was one dark, gloomy day that Love did not wake up in the morning laying beside me
Love didn’t make me smile as I was brushing my teeth
Love didn’t feed me my joy at the breakfast table
Love wasn’t at school, absent all throughout the day
Love was waiting at the starting line of practice that afternoon
Love didn’t return until home that night
Love left me clueless on the missing assignments
Love was not present in the bed that we both shared.
Come to realize that the next morning while wondering where Love went,
I glanced at the obituaries and the top was labeled: LOVE.
A tear ran down my cheek, as a river down a mountain.
Then a tear became a million, for I couldn’t hold back any more
Remembrance of all the good times, forgetting about the bad
Can’t sleep at night because I lost Love that was true to me
A sense of Love that left me speechless
A Love that made me want to live together with it until Death took us away
I guess Death came for Love first.
But Death will not take me down; for I will be bring that true Love back to life
Back to my life.
But in the meantime, I would like to have the final word:
R.I.P True Love

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