April 19, 2011
By Anonymous

She whispers I am lost and confused,
Feels like she has failed,
She smiles knowing her past has sailed,
Far way throughout the ocean's current,
She wants out without a doubt,
She screams and shouts,
For someone to take her under,
Because she can't take the heat or thunder,
A million fireflies catch her darkness,
She looks up and says watch this,
"In the end I’ll be ready for life"
Without pressure or strife
You will eventually see the writing on the wall
She’s not too far gone
She’s coming back
Her heart is no longer black
No cuts no scars
He will be behind bars
She can’t worry and be sorry
She doesn't need a bandage for her heart
She’s not alone, she can manage
Her footprints are left behind
As she thinks beyond her mind
She walks in the sunset
As she whispers

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem after getting away from sexual abuse. I was inspired to write this after i received counseling. I hope people will get healing and inspiration just by reading this and knowing there is peace with sexual abuse.. you can get away from it. Time is healing.

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