My Grandfather's Story

April 19, 2011
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Running down the winding streets,
Watching bodies fall around me
Watching them miserably
Terrified cries howl in my ears
Blood spatters my face
Tears dance in my eyes
A scream is ripping its way out of my chest
I suck it in, I hold my breath
But wasn't it silence, that allowed these deaths?
Pa runs by my side,
He has a limp in his stride.
Simon squeezes my arm, I pull him forward
I'm pulling and running, but what am I moving toward?
Dear G-d, my Elohim,
Listen to my prayer, and listen to them scream.
Wasn't it our freedom that Moses seeked to redeem?
Well look at us now, we are rats in a maze,
Simple rats dying in this bloody craze
While our neighbors sit idly by
While the Nazis pound their salutes into the sky
While the whole world watches us die
Dead bodies pile high
Row upon row,
On a bed of blood-stained snow.
Are we next? Will I be separated from the family that I hold so dear?
Should we give up? Freedom is no where near.
Who am I compared to millions of Jews' lives?
No, I will continue, my father's last words were: Maybe You Will Survive.

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