The mental institution

May 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Too much silence.
Too much time to think.
Too many problems to admit I have.
Blocked from society.
Blocked from everything that would normally keep you going.
There are no emotions and no sense of time passing.
The outside world seems so fat away.
The only glimpse of "out" I get is a window but all I see is a glare.
All I see is a reflection.
All I see is a girl.
Trapped in her own version of hell.
The kind of hell she made for herself brick by brick.
Decision by decision the walls got higher until she couldn't see over them.
She's running out of air to breathe.
She's running out of excuses to make.
Isolation take away her emotions.
Takes away all of her feelings until she doesn't realize she's dying.
The white walls slowly erase all of her memories and all of the worlds color it has to offer.
She's in denial.
she has no state of mind.

Is it me, or is it just my reflection?

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when I was put in a mental hospital. Writing this really helped me get through it:P

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