Head in the Clouds

January 22, 2008
I’ve been a deer caught in the headlights,
Been a wolf sleeping among the sheep.
Have been times where I felt I’ve lost it all,
And felt I broke the sacred things I keep.
Somedays I’ve been the star of the show,
And somedays I flew under the radar.
I’ve seen some fly straight into the sun,
And seen some ride a downward spiral.

I’ve dined with scavenging jackals,
And rolled through the town with kings.
Drowned at the bottom with the fishes,
And jumped to the top with springs.
Somedays I felt I owned the world,
And somedays I felt I’ve been behind bars.
I’ve been torn apart by inner demons,
Yet I’ve healed all of those past scars.

But nothing could prepare me for this,
About how you’ve taken all those hits;
Your just playing a losing game.
I heard it through the grapevine;
seems you’re struggling through your life,
I know because I’ve done the same.

Head in the clouds
I got my head in the clouds
‘cause ignorance is bliss
and I don’t wanna look down.
Head in the clouds
I’ll keep my head in the clouds
Fly through a minefield called life
And never again make a sound.

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