22 things iam

May 3, 2011
By hopelessromantichjg BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
hopelessromantichjg BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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like a rose i bloom and grow. like the sun i shine. like a star i glow. like a bird i soar. like a cloud am soft.like a feather i am light.like the night sky my eyes are blue.like an angle am pure.like gold my heart is true.like a sheep am shy.like a lion i am fierce.like a turtle i am slow.like an owl am Wise.like a butterfly am beautiful.like a small kitten or puppy am feisty.like an elephant i remember.like an ocean my love is vast.like a bunny i am quick.like sugar am sweet.like a puzzle i am challenging.likea whisper am quite.like a scream am loud.

The author's comments:
this is to let people know that i am not one to be made fun of.

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