The Beauty of Patience

January 23, 2008
By Emily Nace, Confluence, PA

Remembering your smile as I walk into the room,
I think of all the things that we’ve both went through.
I look at you and see all the pain you’ve endured,
And I try to make the best of things, and think that you’ve been cured.
A simple act of negligence is what caused all your pain,
And what could’ve been prevented is driving me insane.
I know it’s your time as I look at your face,
But how I wish it would be different, another time, another place.
And as I hold your hand, I whisper in your ear,
“I love you so much, and I’ll always hold you dear…”
As you slowly slipped away, I cried and cried all night,
I was thinking that from now on that nothing would be right.
As I am now alone, I have to go on without you.
But you deserve your happiness for all of the things you went through.
I think of what had happened, and why you had to go.
I really wish you hadn’t gone, and that I didn’t miss you so.
I know that things will be awkward, just like a word that doesn’t rhyme,
I just hope you are all right, and you look on me from time to time.
I’ll do my best to move on, I know it’ll take a while,
But please don’t be mad at me if I always miss your smile.
So wait for me, I’ll meet you at the gates,
But until that time arrives, I’ll just have to wait.

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