Wax cylinders with ribbons encircling

January 23, 2008
By Kelly Krauss, Plantation, FL

Wax cylinders with ribbons encircling,
braided cotton doused in kerosene.
Thin rods plunged into confectionary
cream, engulfing the baked sweet.
Rippling waves through viscous seas
as the traditional tune brings a smile to her
face. Paper maché unicorns suspended
mid air. Concealing the previously formal
parlor’s crown molding construction paper
cutouts dangled about. Glue and sequins strewn,
packages piled upon the china hutch. Festive
cones atop the litter’s heads, elastic straps cutting
into their necks. Flick of the match, exhale from
the lungs, and a longing of a dream to come true.

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