May 1, 2011
By Anonymous

The most exciting sport,
It is so fun to play,
Get back down the court,
Because we just scored Hey!

Running, sprinting,
After the ball,
Playing defense is what you should be doing,
As your lead begins to fall.

Your coach calls a timeout,
Freaking out about it,
That was your last timeout,
Your confidence just took a hit.

Two minutes left,
We are down five points,
One minute left,
We are down two points.

We call timeout,
Down by two,
You guys are freaking out,
And don’t know what to do.

The crowd starts to count down,
Ten, nine, eight, seven,
The shot is high as if raining down,
From heaven.

As the final buzzer sounds,
The ball swooshes through the net,
The crowd goes berserk,
And we win the game.

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