Back to Hell

January 23, 2008
By Adam Alft, Eagle River, WI

I find myself discovering the waterfront
A pebble in the water makes a ripple effect
Disturbing the still, glasslike surface of the water
Suddenly I have thoughts before me
Like a war between nations
Prepare the masses
The peace of the water is disturbed by change
Change is the only constant in this life
What to do when you’re dead in the water
The possibility and the promise of a better tomorrow
Hopelessly devoted to you I will follow
As you and I define the great line of our path
We will be like two godlike entities
We will be the sufferer and the witness
The judge and the jury
And executioner
You can tell all you’re friends what we did
I know this is an offer you can’t confuse
The ripples spread slowly in every direction
The water is still no more
The ripples carry on to the opposite shore
After time passes the lake returns to its smooth form
It seems as if the splash was nevermore
Your thought return to the silence in black and white
You are left with the monotony of life’s clockwork
Every day is a struggle but you will try
Soon you find that you can’t hold back anymore and you lose it
You will wish you could send these thoughts back to hell

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