Carved Orange Lilies

January 23, 2008
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A wild escapade through the
Carved orange lilies
We will take
Shade and light
Dreamers and unbelievers
The sublime coordinates
Vacancy of my mind
Fill with scarlet waves of joy
Winter emerges
Football fields hide beneath the
Sheltering snow
Awakened by your touch
Footprints patterned on the beach
Phantom lovers
Retrace their naked steps
That leaves a scar in time
A million dollar heartbreak
Seeking new patterns
A helpful hand to collect the tears
Needing the warmth of ones touch
My mind is stagnant form the lack of sleep
Awakened by the jagged edge of a irregular heart beat
Dislocating the pattern of the past
Molding the foundation for the future
Contouring the beginning of the slippery slope
Leaving the rest for uncalculated events
Time dances by
Bringing new wings to my heart
I see him through the complex eyepiece
Of a sniper scope

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